KAWASAKI Kenichiro - 早稲田リーガルコモンズ法律事務所
KAWASAKI KenichiroRepresentative attorney of our firm, Member of Tokyo Bar Association

With the realization gained from previous experience in a consulting firm that law is but one way to end disputes and resolve problems, his forte is the breaking down and resolving of issues without being constrained by the legal framework. As a result, he has been providing management consultations in general to many small and medium-sized enterprises, especially startup enterprises and family-run enterprises, and has been relied upon as an outside director as his services often extend beyond the scope of legal advice. He currently serves as an outside director or director at ten companies.

Recently, he has established the company, Centaurus Works Inc., to develop smart contracts and AIs that leverage the expertise of attorneys. By doing so, he is presenting a new image of attorneys that goes beyond the bounds of existing law practice by aiming to realize a society in which more personal agreements are respected.

Education and Professional Background

Graduated from Waseda University, School of Law
Joined Andersen Consulting (currently Accenture Japan Ltd)
Left Andersen Consulting (currently Accenture Japan Ltd)
Graduated from Waseda Law School
Registered as attorney at law in Japan
After a stint at Tokyo Surugadai Law Offices, participated as one of the founding partners of Waseda Legal Commons, LPC

Main Industries of Clients

Import and wholesale, retail, real estate leasing, hair and beauty, information services, software development, block chain system development, drone production, mutual aid, food, agriculture, management consulting, medical corporations, welfare-related, yoga studios, antique dealings, advertising, marketing, publishing, online shopping, television home shopping, accounting offices, entrepreneurship support companies, local government, town development companies, schools, cooperative associations, general incorporated associations, incorporated foundations, non-profit organizations, and so on.

Practice Areas

With professional experience in a consulting firm, provides management consultations in general (from regular management consultations including contracts, business plans, human resources and labor, and credit management; to handling scandals response and business succession) to small and medium-sized enterprises, especially family-run enterprises.

Membership and Official Positions

Guest Researcher of the Institute of Clinical Legal Education, Waseda University
Academic Advisor, Waseda Law School
Board Member of Specified Non-profit Organization Sanyukai
Board Member of Specified Non-profit Organization OurPlanet-TV
Internal Auditor of Specified Non-profit Organization Japan NPO Center