Kenichiro Kawasaki

Representative Partner, Tokyo Bar Association

Kawasaki is the representative partner and co-founder of our firm. Under his leadership Waseda Legal Commons has grown into a force of its own with more than thirty legal professionals and a strong reputation in many areas of legal practice including civil litigation, criminal defense, corporate, labor and employment, bankruptcy, personal data and privacy, and AI/NFT/crypto laws.

As a practitioner, Kawasaki has clients in a wide range of industries including educational institutions and non-governmental organizations. He has a particular interest in helping start-ups and growing ventures at the early stages of business development.

One of Kawasaki’s specialties is the law surrounding AI/NFT/crypto technologies. He concurrently runs a consulting firm specialized in developing new applications that use AI and blockchain technologies. His management experience in the nascent NFT/metaverse/crypto ecosystem, in combination with his experience providing legal advice to Web 3.0/Metaverse start-ups, has lead to Kawasaki being regarded as an authority in this field of law.

Recognized for his expertise in digital transformation, he is frequently consulted by regional governments for advice on business processing reengineering and the streamlining of administrative processes. Currently, he serves as a special counselor to Chief Information Officer of Setagaya Ward, a borough of metropolitan Tokyo.

Before being admitted to the bar in 2008, Mr. Kawasaki worked as a consultant at Accenture (then Andersen Consulting). Because of his extensive experience in business and consulting, his advice to his corporate clients often goes far beyond mere legal issues, addressing a wide range of concerns of CEOs and business owners.

Mr. Kawasaki holds a strong belief in Liberty, Innovation and Contribution, the credo of our firm. He aspires to “revitalize the commons” through community building and serves on the board of many public interest groups and non-profit organizations.

Education and Professional Background

1999 : Graduated from Waseda University Faculty of Law
1999 : Joined Andersen Consulting (now Accenture Japan Ltd.)
2004 : Left Andersen Consulting (currently Accenture Japan Ltd)
2007 : Graduated from Waseda Law School
2008 : Registered as attorney at law in Japan
2013 : After a stint at Tokyo Surugadai Law Offices, participated as one of the founding partners of Waseda Legal Commons, LPC

Main Industries of Clients

Import wholesalers, retailers, real estate leasing, beauty, cosmetics, information services, software development, blockchain system development, drone manufacturing, mutual aid, food, agriculture, management consulting, medical corporations, welfare-related, yoga studios, antique dealers, advertising, marketing, publishing, online shopping, TV shopping, accounting firms, start-up support companies, local governments, urban development companies, school corporations, cooperatives, general incorporated associations, foundations and NPOs, etc.

Practice Areas

Backed by his experience at a consulting firm, he provides general management counseling to small- and medium-sized businesses, especially to managers of family-owned businesses (from day-to-day management counseling such as contracts, business plans, personnel and labor issues, and credit management, to handling misconduct and business succession).

Membership and Official Positions

Counselor, Setagaya Ward (Administrative Management, Assistant CIO)
Visiting Researcher, Institute of Clinical Law Education, Waseda University
Director, NPO Sanyukai
Auditor, NPO Japan NPO Center
Auditor, Tsukuroi Tokyo Fund (General Incorporated Association)
Auditor, Suicide Prevention Promotion Center for Supporting Life
Member of Peace Committee, Japan PEN Club
Standing Director, Tohmon Bar Association


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He is also a coauthor of “Recommendations for Lawyers” (Civil Law Institute, 2022) and other publications.


Japanese, English