Shiyoji Takeuchi

Partner, Member of Daini Tokyo Bar Association

After his admission to the Japan Bar in 2010, Shiyoji Takeuchi worked as a policy secretary for a member of the National Diet, where he was involved in policy making for the integrated reform of social security and taxation systems and taxation. He also provides support to industries related to healthcare and social security, and support related to wills and inheritance, adult guardianship, medical care and childcare, and support for LGBTQ individuals. In addition to being an adjunct researcher at the Institute for Clinical Legal Education at Waseda University and a member of the Japan Sports Law Association, he is also active in the research field, having authored a book on the Public Offices Election Act and lectured at the monthly study group (litigation section) of the Japanese Association of Tax Accounting.

Education and Professional Background

2005 : Graduated from Waseda University, School of Law
2008 : Graduated from Waseda Law School
2010 : Admitted to the Japan Bar (Daini Tokyo Bar Association)
2013 : Joined Waseda Legal Commons, LPC as a partner after a stint as policy secretary for a member of the National Diet

Main Industries of Clients

Think tanks, advertising, publishing, video, photography and art, healthcare (medical), policy making, political groups, public interest groups, home lawyers, and so on.

Practice Areas

Drafting of wills, safe custody, will execution, inheritance, business succession, contract negotiation, business management support, LGBT support, older adults and persons with disabilities advocacy, adult guardianship, criminal cases, juvenile cases, criminal prosecution and indictments, press conference, Public Offices Election Act, Political Funds Control Act, lobbying support

Membership and Official Positions

Staff of the Research Office for Judicial Systems, Japan Federation of Bar Associations
Vice Chairperson of the Planning Committee, Political Federation of Lawyer in Japan
Member of the Constitution Committee, Daini Tokyo Bar Association
Member of the Criminal Defense Committee, Daini Tokyo Bar Association
Adjunct Researcher of the Institute of Clinical Legal Education, Waseda University
Registered Political Funds Auditor, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Member, Japan Sports Law Association
Official Player Representative, Japan Professional Baseball Players Association


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Lawyer CASE FILE: Watching Over Rallies – What Lawyers Can Do on the Streets in Protest” (Jikan no Houreki, March 15, 2020) (in Japanese)
“Learning by Example: Approaching Politicians and Bureaucrats and the Risk of Bribery” (Business Law and Regulations, May 2018, 2018)
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Consumption Tax Rate Increase Special Feature: Roundtable Discussion: Let’s Examine All the Difficult Issues by Industry! (Tax Information Vol. 61, No. 9, p. 48, 2013)


I want to be an attorney who is easy to reach out to, not only when you are in trouble, but also when you are not sure how to consult an attorney.