Takanori Mizuhashi

Partner, Member of Daini Tokyo Bar Association

Main expertise in general civil cases including traffic accident claims for damages, divorce, inheritance, criminal defense including lay judge trials, small and medium-sized enterprises support.

After graduating from Waseda Law School as top of the class, Takanori Mizuhashi began his profession as an attorney in Hashimoto Kenjirou Law Firm located in Tochigi Prefecture. Devoting his efforts to a wide variety of areas including traffic accidents, domestic affairs, small and medium-sized enterprises support, and debt recovery during his stint there, he has positioned himself as a generalist who handles all kinds of cases at a high level. After joining our firm as a partner, he continues to demonstrate high dispute resolution abilities that address the essence of the cases he handles.

Despite being an attorney with the rare strength of having the expertise to handle any type of cases, his experience in handling traffic accidents and domestic affairs cases are noteworthy. He has a track record of handling more than two hundred cases to date. In addition, his reputation in the area of criminal defense is well-established and his achievements include winning multiple acquittals. He has also been invited regularly by the Japan Federation of Bar Associations to give lectures at workshops targeted at fellow attorneys.

Education and Professional Background

2001 : Graduated from Eiko Gakuen Senior High School
2001 : Admitted into Waseda University, School of Law
2005 : Graduated from Waseda University, School of Law
2005 : Admitted into Waseda Law School
2008 : Graduated from Waseda Law School (Top of the class)
2009 : Completed apprenticeship at the Legal Training and Research Institute
Admitted to the Japan Bar (Daini Tokyo Bar Association)
Joined Hashimoto Kenjirou Law Firm in Tochigi Prefecture
2014 : Joined Waseda Legal Commons, LPC as a partner

Main Industries of Clients

A variety of small and medium-sized enterprises, including piping and construction equipment, restaurant, food, home gardening, advertising, and professionals with national licensure requirements.

Practice Areas

Consultations for general civil cases of small and medium-sized enterprises or individual clients; traffic accident disputes (clients include both perpetrators and victims, scope includes physical damages and personal injury); domestic affairs including divorce, separation, inheritance, and guardianship; and criminal cases including lay judge trials, juvenile cases, and attendant in pursuant to the Medical Treatment and Supervision Act

Membership and Official Positions

■ Bar Associations
Secretary General of the Committee on Criminal Justice (Previously Committee on Lay Judge), Japan Federation of Bar Associations (from 2012)
Committee Deputy Secretary General, Japan Federation of Bar Associations (from 2018)
Member of Criminal Defense Committee, Daini Tokyo Bar Association (from 2015)
Vice Chairman of the Center for Promotion of the Lay Judge System, Daini Tokyo Bar Association (from 2015)

■ Waseda University Alumni Organizations
Chairman, Waseda Law School Alumni Association (2009 to 2011)
Vice Chairman, Waseda Law School Alumni Association (2012 to 2013)
Board Member, Waseda University Legal Alumni Association (from 2012)


I love my job as an attorney.
Whether I am talking to clients, reviewing or drafting documents, appearing in court, or dealing with adverse parties, I find joy in being able to work to resolve disputes within society.
I promise to do my best in each and every case. Let us overcome the difficulties together.