Masato Kusano

Senior Counsel, Member of Daini Tokyo Bar Association

Education and Professional Background

1981 : Graduated from The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law
1983 : Appointed as a judge
2011 : Appointed as Tokyo High Court Judge
2013 : Appointed as Chief Judge, Yokohama Family Court
2015 : Appointed as Chief Judge, Aomori District and Family Court
2017 : Appointed as Chief Judge, Sapporo High Court
2019 : Appointed as Chief Judge, Sendai Family Court
2021 : Retired from the judiciary and joined Waseda Legal Commons, LPC

Practice Areas

General civil law, general family law


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Commentar Katei Jiken Jiken Houhou (Commentar Domestic Affairs Procedural Law) (Seirin Shoin, 2021)


As a judge, I have a long career handling civil cases. Among them, the Minamata disease lawsuits I was involved in in Kumamoto and Niigata left a particularly strong impression on me, and I will never forget the plaintiffs’ attempts to rise up from their difficulties.
In the third Minamata disease case in Kumamoto in 1987, I drafted the judgment as the chief judge, and in the fourth Minamata disease case in Niigata in 2011, I presided over the hearing of the first Minamata disease case in which a settlement was reached between the government and plaintiffs. The look of relief on the plaintiffs’ faces remains in my memory.
I have also handled a large number of domestic relations cases. I was troubled by the treatment of juvenile cases I handled when I was an assistant judge and have devoted myself to resolving domestic relations cases with serious conflicts at the Tokyo Family Court Guardianship Center and the Yokohama Family Court, among others.
With my experience as a judge in both civil and domestic cases, I will provide legal services that get to the bottom of the facts and protect the rights of my clients to the fullest extent possible.