Naoyasu Kawasawa

Senior Associate Daini Tokyo Bar Association

Naoyasu Kawasawa registered as an attorney in 2018. Since then, he has gained experience mainly in general civil matters such as debt collection and legal support for small and medium-sized businesses. He started his career as an attorney after working for a newspaper company, during which time he developed a deep interest in the problems faced by small and medium-sized businesses and people with troubles in their daily lives. Therefore, he always tries to understand the essence of his clients’ problems and troubles and to solve them fundamentally.

Education and Professional Background

March 1997 : Graduated from Gakushuin High School
Apr 1997 : Entered Gakushuin University, Faculty of Law, Department of Political Science
March 2002 : Graduated from Gakushuin University
April 2002 : Joined Asahi Shimbun, Ltd.
August 2012 : Resigned from Asahi Shimbun, Ltd.
April 2013 : Entered Chuo University Law School (Untrained Course)
March 2016 : Graduated from Chuo University Law School
November 2017 : Entered Legal Training and Research Institute (71st term)
December 2018 : Practicing law at a law firm in Tokyo

Practice Areas

Corporate legal affairs (real estate, restaurant, educational business, etc.), general civil affairs

Membership and Official Positions

Committee on the Rights of the Child


I joined the firm because of the firm’s philosophy of “Freedom,” “Innovation,” and “Contribution. I am committed to maximizing the interests of our clients by working closely with them to find the best possible solution for their needs and desires. I look forward to working with you.