Keiji Kato

Partner, Daini Tokyo Bar Association

Since his admission to the bar in 2013, he has been involved in consumer damage remedies such as fraud, inheritance disputes, real estate disputes, support services for politicians, and support for sexual minorities. Recently, frauds, starting with bank transfer scams, have become a social problem, and he has a great deal of experience in resolving consumer issues. He also regularly communicates with real estate agents and is familiar with real estate disputes and inheritance disputes.
He continues to support sexual minorities and serves as the executive director of the Tokyo Litigation Group for same-sex marriage cases. In addition, he has recently become involved in risk hedging and trouble support for politicians.

Education and Professional Background

2013:Registered as an attorney at law, belongs to a general law firm in Tokyo (Tama area)
2021:Transferred to a general law firm in Tokyo
2022:Joined the firm in October

Practice Areas

We handle a wide range of civil, domestic affairs, and criminal cases, with a particular emphasis on the following areas
Consumer law (remedies for consumer damage caused by fraud, investment damage, door-to-door sales, etc.)
◆Legal issues related to suicide
◆Support for sexual minorities
◆Legal affairs of local self-government
Public office election law
Political Funds Control Law
Legislator support
Real estate disputes
◆Inheritance disputes
Criminal defense in cases of drug crimes

Membership and Official Positions

Secretary for Policy Affairs for a Member of Parliament
Registered political fund auditor
Former Vice-Chairman of Consumer Affairs Committee, Tokyo San Bengoshikai
Secretary General of Tokyo Litigation Defense Lawyers for Freedom of Marriage for All (a.k.a. Same-Sex Marriage Litigation Defense Lawyers) (
Registered Support Expert for the Operation of the Guidelines for Debt Consolidation in the Event of Natural Disasters 
LGBT Support Lawyers Network 
Young Lawyers Association for Protecting Freedom of Tomorrow
Lawyers for Suicide Survivors (


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Sometimes we are asked the question, “What kind of lawyer is a good lawyer?” I am sometimes asked the question, “What kind of a good lawyer is a good lawyer? It goes without saying that “knowledge” is important, but I do not think that a lawyer should specialize only in legal knowledge. I want to be an “easy to talk to” lawyer who can work side by side with my clients.