Hiroto Inamura

Partner, Member of Tokyo Bar Association

Hiroto Inamura Registered as an attorney in 2018. He is a member of the Tokyo Bar Association. He provides legal advice to small and medium-sized companies, particularly venture companies and start-ups, as well as to public organizations such as local governments.His services to companies range from drafting and reviewing contracts and handling general SME legal questions such as debt collection, to examining the legality of business activities and consulting on business schemes. He provides a wide range of legal services, including drafting and reviewing contracts, handling general SME legal questions such as debt collection, examining the legality of business activities, and consulting on business schemes.In recent years, he has also specialized in legal advice on crypto assets and blockchain, and is in charge of structuring business schemes and drafting contracts and terms of use for cutting-edge areas such as Web 3.0 and NFT.”

Education and Professional Background

2010 : Graduated from Setagaya Gakuen High School
2014 : Graduated from Komazawa University, Faculty of Law, Department of Law
2017 : Graduated from Waseda Law School
2018 : Registered as attorney at law in Japan

Practice Areas

Legal affairs of venture companies and small and medium-sized enterprises, legal affairs of social enterprises and incorporated non-profit organizations: legal affairs of local administrations; legal affairs related to intellectual property and content management; drafting and review of contracts; and general civil cases.
He is also actively engaging in areas not listed above.

Membership and Official Positions

Academic Advisor, Waseda University Graduate School of Law
Part-time Lecturer, National Tax College, National Tax Agency
Waseda Law School Inamonkai: Board Member
Waseda Law School Inamonkai (Inamon Lawyers Association)
Legal Professionals Network for Fukushima Children (SAFLAN)
Pnika: Director, General Incorporated Association
Pnika: Board Member ・Nationwide Support Center for Children’s Cafeteria, Musubiue: Auditor
Japan Contents Blockchain Initiative Copyright Distribution Subcommittee: Vice-Chairman
Delegate, Japan Federation of Bar Associations (from March 2007 to February 2022)
Member of the Tokyo Bar Association (from April 2021 to March 2022)


Legal Issues of Donation- and Purchase-Type Crowdfunding,” Kokusai Shoji Homu Vol. 45 No. 3 (2017)
“Learning about ‘Agents’ as Social Infrastructure : My Perspective,The Role of Clinical Legal Education,” Legal Training and Clinical Education No. 10 (2018)


Each person walks at his or her own speed.
Whether they want to go forward, backward, or stop is also different.
That is why we need lawyers who can stand by each one of those people.

We need lawyers who can walk alongside and with each client.
I will not neglect my daily study so that I can be a lawyer who can do such things.
I will strive to be a lawyer who can respond to everyone’s needs.