Yuji Harashima

Partner, Member of Daini Tokyo Bar Association

Yuji Harashima is an attorney with a wide range of expertise, ranging from corporate legal affairs, human resource, labor issues including claims for damages related to death from overwork and harassment, general civil affairs, domestic affairs including inheritance and divorce, to legal affairs related to the support of LGBTIQ (sexual minorities).
His achievements in the area of death from overwork including suicide are especially remarkable, representing many surviving families and helping them reach solutions.
In addition, he cooperates with municipal welfare offices and incorporated non-profit organizations (NPOs) and is actively engaging in legal affairs related to nursing care accidents, welfare issues involving needy persons support, and LGBTIQ.

Education and Professional Background

2009 : Graduated from Waseda Law School
2010 : Admitted to the Japan Bar (Daini Tokyo Bar Association)
Joined Anderson Mori & Tomotsune LPC
2012 : Joined Murata Mitsuo Law Firm
2013 : Joined Waseda Legal Commons, LPC as a partner
2016 : Joined Aoyama Gakuin University Law School as Assistant Professor

Main Industries of Clients

Pest control, social welfare, specified non-profit corporation (NPOs), and so on.

Practice Areas

Corporate labor issues, general corporate affairs
Welfare including care recipient support, cooperation with and support related to welfare service staff
LGBT support

Membership and Official Positions

Assistant Professor, Aoyama Gakuin University Law School
Children’s Rights Committee, Daini Tokyo Bar Association
Director, EMA Japan (Equal Marriage Alliance)


The law is both a rule that binds everyone in society and a tool that supports everyone. Whether it is a business decision in a company or a decision that affects an individual’s life, knowledge of the law is more useful than you can imagine.
If you are facing a problem but do not know who to talk to or how to go about it, please come to our office. One of the legal services we can provide is to help you sort out and analyze the problems you are facing and where they lie.