Yasushi Handa

Senior Counsel, Member of Daini Tokyo Bar Association

Education and Professional Background

1980 Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law
1982 Appointed as a judge (34th term)
Served as Chief Judge of Sapporo District Court, Tokyo District Court, Maebashi District Court, and Takamatsu High Court, and as President of Kochi District Court before retiring as Chief Judge of Fukuoka High Court in 2021.
Registered as an attorney-at-law in 2022
Joined the firm in 2023

Practice Areas

Criminal and juvenile cases

Membership and Official Positions

Japanese Association of Criminal Law
Secretary, Criminal Law Committee, Japan Federation of Bar Associations


Common law and case law in criminal law (Law Seminar 2022)
Analysis of Court Decisions on Assault Threats, Non-Refusal Requirements, etc. in Sex Crimes (Criminal Law Journal 2021, Criminal Law Journal 2021)
Recognition of Intentional Intent and Conspiracy by the Receiver (Law Jiho 2020)
Large Commentary on Criminal Law (13) Abandonment of a Person Responsible for Protection and Causing Death or Injury to the Same (Criminal Law Journal 2014)
The concept of “intent to kill” from the viewpoint of the written judgment of a jury trial (Law Jiho 2011)
Recognition of intentionality (Basic Issues in Criminal Fact-Finding 2008)
Possibility of Illegal (Sexual) Consciousness (50 Important Judgments on Criminal Fact-Finding, 2007) (Hanrei Jihou Subscribed Journal 2023)
Evidentiary Exclusion of Illegally Collected Evidence and Criteria for Judgment (Academic Theory and Practice in the Code of Criminal Procedure 2018)
Voluntariness and Credibility of Confession (New Developments in Criminal Procedure 2017)
Defendant’s Interests and the Credibility of Statements (Theses in Commemoration of the Retirement of Judge Tatsuo Uemura 2011)
Subject of Verdict in Jury Trials (Kunio Harada, Judge Retirement Memorial Essays 2010)


 As a judge for many years, I have handled many cases, mainly criminal cases. In every case, I have always tried to look at the evidence calmly and objectively. There have been cases in which I had to make tough decisions and my voice almost trembled when I pronounced the verdict. Although I am in a different position, I believe that this experience as a judge will be useful in my work as a lawyer. However, I am just starting out as a lawyer. With advice from our senior attorneys, I will do my best to realize the interests of our clients.