Chisako Fujii

Associate,Daini Tokyo Bar Association

Since her admission to the bar, she has taken on a wide range of civil and domestic cases for ordinary citizens. She also has extensive experience in criminal and juvenile proceedings, having rigourously defended cases involving allegations of serious crimes such as first degree murder, of which her clients claim innocence. She has successfully negotiated and persuaded procsecuters to have suspects released from police detention  pre-indictment, and won bail for defendants in pre-trial detention, on multiple occasions.  She is also experienced in arguing cases at the appellate stage of civil and criminal litigations.

During years in college and law school, Ms. Fujii worked as a volunteer to support juvenile delinquents, and as a legal practitioner she has assisted ex-convicts to rehabilitate and adapt in the society after release from prisons.  Based upon those experiences, she always listens to her clients calmly and carefully, and does her best to address their concerns and requests in finding legal solutions and preparing arguments for legal proceedings for them.

Ms. Fujii is also very keen on taking care of younger generations.  She is a frequent lecturer  of elementary law for college and high school students, and active in the prevention of bullying and abusive behavior in class and at school. She believes in the importance of just being there for children so that they can talk to someone whenever they need to, and provides social networking consultation services for younger generations. 

Education and Professional Background

2013 : Graduated from Gakushuin Women’s High School
2017 : Graduated from Hitotsubashi University, Faculty of Law
2019 : Hitotsubashi University Law School
2020 : Enrolled as a nurse (73rd term)

Practice Areas

General civil cases (traffic accidents, claims for damages, etc.)
Domestic affairs cases (divorce, inheritance, issues related to children, etc.)
Other dispute resolution and negotiations in general
Criminal and juvenile cases (denial cases, serious cases, and appeals)

Membership and Official Positions

Daini Tokyo Bar Association Jury Center (2021~)
Daini Tokyo Bar Association Committee on the Rights of the Child (Juvenile Case Team, Bullying Prevention Class PT, Concerns Consultation Team)(2021~)
NPO Stop Bullying! Navi Lawyer Team (2021~)
Other legal education activities at elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, etc.


Attached Human Experiments,” NIBEN Frontier, No. 211 (April 2022).


February 15, 2022 Lecturer at the training “Overview of the 2021 Amendments to the Juvenile Law and Points to Keep in Mind in Attendant Activities” (hosted by) Committee on the Rights of the Child, Daini Tokyo Bar Association
June 14, 2022: In charge of reporting on Session 4 “Civil and Public Interest Defense Experience Program at Waseda University School of Law” at the 15th Anniversary Conference of the Society for Clinical Legal Education (hosted by the Society for Clinical Legal Education)
Other: Lecturer for training of new lawyers, lecturer for elective training program, etc.


I value facing each client individually. Each person has his or her own pain and anxiety. Please do not worry that it may be a trivial matter. I will do my best to provide a solution that is as satisfactory as possible.