Nami Tsurumaki

Judicial clerks / Shiho-Shoshi Lawyer,Tokyo Judicial Clerks Association

Ms. Nami Tsurumaki is a judicial scrivener, the national qualification to prepare and file  formal documents in judicial and administrative procedures such as filing for record of real estate transactions and registration of incorporation with national legal affairs bureaus. Registered as judicial scrivener in 2013, she had worked at a major judicial scrivener firm in Tokyo before joining our firm in 2022. She is very experienced in a wide variety of registration and filing requirements including but not limited to family register, certificates of residence, register of real estate and commercial registry.  She frequently advises her clients on estate succession and prenatal planning. 

Ms. Tsurumaki always tries to improve herself to become a sophisticated judicial scrivener who can respond to varying needs of her clients, providing accurate, comprehensive quick solutions. She is well informed of latest updates in the relevant laws and regulations such as Companies Act and Civil Code, and is familiar with practices at legal affairs bureaus. 

Prior to becoming a judicial scrivener, she worked as a librarian after studying arts in college.  

Education and Professional Background

2006 : Graduated from Osaka University of Arts, Faculty of Arts, Department of Literature
2013 : Registered as a judicial scrivener
2014 : Worked at a major judicial scrivener firm in Tokyo (2014-2022)

Practice Areas

Real estate registration, commercial registration, inheritance, prenatal care, corporate legal affairs
 In addition to the above areas, we are also willing to provide services in other areas.


We will try to provide our clients with not only services related to registration but also various other related services in cooperation with attorneys.
We look forward to working with you.