Takeyuki Matsumoto

Partner, Member of Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association

Key practice areas are small and medium enterprise legal affairs including contracts, labor issues and debt recovery; anti-social forces related issues and risk management; and insolvency proceedings including bankruptcy.

After obtaining his qualification as an attorney at law, Takeyuki Matsumoto has been consistently tackling issues related to anti-social forces and he has gained recognition for his extensive practical experience and case handling abilities. He is currently serving as Vice Chairman of the Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association’s Civil Intervention for Victims of Violence Support Center and he is a tough negotiator with a resolute attitude yet remains flexible in his responses.

In addition, through his experience in tackling racketeering through intercession in civil disputes, he is bold yet detail oriented. He leverages these strengths in insolvency and debit recovery cases that require quick thinking and prompt responses, and he has gained a good reputation for his services from his clients.

On the other hand, he is serving as a legal consultant to many companies in the entertainment industry and he has in-depth knowledge on laws related to the entertainment industry.

He is an attorney with the flexibility to handle a diverse array of practice areas.

Education and Professional Background

2004 : Graduated from Meiji University, School of Law
2007 : Graduated from Hosei University Law School
2008 : Admitted to the Japan Bar (Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association)
2016 : Joined Waseda Legal Commons, LPC as a partner

Practice Areas

General legal affairs of small and medium-sized enterprises including contract, labor issues and debt recovery; anti-social forces related issues and risk management; insolvency proceedings such as bankruptcy; legal advice on entertainment field including copyright; general civil cases including claims for damages for traffic accidents and real estate disputes; and criminal cases.

Membership and Official Positions

Vice Chairman of the Civil Intervention for Victims of Violence Support Center, Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association (from 2017 to 2019)


‘Research, Read, and Use! A Manual for Utilizing Court Precedents for Corporate Legal Affairs” (co-author) (Chuokeizai-sha, 2015)
Articles of Incorporation: Exclusion of Antisocial Forces from Shareholders (Junkan Shoji Homu No. 2075)” (co-author) (Shoji Homu, 2015)
Serialization of “Legal Q&A Useful in Medical Practice” in the magazine “Medical Affairs” (Sanro Sogo Kenkyujo).


In order to maximize the client’s interests, I promptly provide legal services suited to each situation after listening to the client’s situation and requests in detail.
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