Emi Hisamichi

Associate,Daini Tokyo Bar Association

Admitted to the bar in 2022, Ms. Emi Hisamichi works on a wide variety of civil and corporate legal matters, including defamation cases on the Internet involving requests for disclosure of sender’s information. 

During her years in law school and at Judicial Research and Training Institute, Ms. Hisamichi was very active in the activities of public interest, organizing symposiums and other public events to raise public awareness in important legal topics such as business and human rights, constitutional amendment, public lawsuits, and environmental disputes. Once becoming a lawyer, she continues to actively pursue activities of public interest such as participation in committees of bar association and CALL4, a web platform dedicated to the support of  lawsuits of public interest with a view to solving sustainable development goals in the  society.


Education and Professional Background

2014 : Sendai Second High School Graduated
2018 : Graduated from Tohoku University Law School
2020 : Hitotsubashi University Law School
2022 : Registered as attorney at law (74th term)

Practice Areas

General Civil Cases, Domestic Relations, Environmental Law, Administrative Litigation, Corporate Law


I became a lawyer because I want to eliminate unreasonableness in the world and contribute to the creation of a society where each individual is respected. I would like to be a person who can face people and share their pain and joy as much as possible. I will work with clients in all areas, including administrative cases, civil cases, and corporate legal affairs, while sharing my thoughts and feelings with them.