Junko Hayashi

Senior Associate,Tokyo Bar Association

Junko Hayashi registered as a lawyer in 2015. She works on corporate, general civil, and family law matters.  She firmly believes in the equal rights of foreigners and takes it as her lifework to improve legal access for foreigners and to achieve a society where people with foreign roots are not discriminated against. She has handled many cases in which a non-Japanese person is either the client or the opponent.

Education and Professional Background

2004 : Graduated from Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics, Keio University
2011 : Graduated from Waseda University Graduate School of Law
Admitted to the bar (68th term) in 2015 Registered as an attorney (68th term)

Practice Areas

Corporate legal affairs, general civil matters, family matters (especially foreign family matters), immigration-related matters, administrative matters, etc.

Membership and Official Positions

Vice-Chairman, Committee on the Rights of Foreigners, Tokyo Bar Association (2018-present)
Lawyering Network for Foreigners (LNF)
National Liaison Conference of Lawyers for the Difficultly Suffering (NLJC)
Director, Japan Muslim Association
Auditor, Africa-Japan Council, a non-profit organization.


In life, you never know when and where things will happen. I think it means that we all have the potential to become a minority in society and be in a vulnerable position. I want to realize a society that is easy to live in for everyone, no matter what happens or what position they find themselves in–this is what I am working for.
I have been especially focused on solving problems faced by people with foreign roots. We accept consultations and requests in English.


Japanese, English