Corporation Overview - 早稲田リーガルコモンズ法律事務所

Corporation Overview

Corporation Overview


Waseda Legal Commons, LPC

(Japanese name: 早稲田リーガルコモンズ法律事務所)

Address and contact numbers

Chiyoda Kaikan 4F,

1-6-17 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku,

Tokyo 102-0074, Japan

Tel: +81-3-6261-2880 (Main)

Fax: +81-3-6261-2881

Office hours: Weekdays/Business days 9:30-20:00



March 2013

Members and affiliates (as of January 2022)

27 Attorneys-at-law

1 Patent attorney

2 Advisers

About us

Waseda Legal Commons, LPC (“WLC”) was founded in March 2013 by lawyers with diverse backgrounds. Our members consist of attorneys with experience working in various fields, including a former judge, a law scholar, a former bureaucrat who currently advises numerous local governments, and a certified public accountant. We offer practical advice in various areas, including general corporate matters, financial regulation or transactions (including virtual currency), cross-border transactions, civil and commercial litigation, real estate, M&A, criminal law and bankruptcy.

Practice Areas

Corporate/ M&A, Finance (including financial regulation), Bankruptcy, International Trade, Dispute resolution, Labor and Employment law, Real Estate and Construction, Consumer Law, Business Succession and Inheritance, Criminal Law

Message from our Representative Partner

In 2017, we have handled more than 500 civil and administrative cases and achieved many landmark rulings. In addition, we have experience handling more than 60 criminal cases and successfully acquired the verdict of acquittal for 2 cases. For 5 years in a row since our founding, we have maintained our track record of securing verdicts of acquittal.


We have provided continuous legal consultations to more than 200 companies and groups. We also make continuous efforts to disseminate information to external parties through seminars and lectures and our efforts have been received favorably.

The year 2018 marks six years since our firm’s founding. In the face of new challenges of our times, we aim to be the best partner in the creation of the future and strive to provide the best legal service for our clients.

We look forward to your continued guidance and support.

KAWASAKI Kenichiro

Representative Partner,

Waseda Legal Commons, LPC

Our Philosophy

Liberty, Innovation, Contribution

These three concepts are the pillars of Waseda Legal Commons, LPC (“WLC”) philosophy.


We fight for liberty. Ensuring individual dignity and safeguarding the individual’s freedom of expression and freedom to engage in activities in the society are fundamental principles that we adhere to absolutely.

To respect the freedom of others is to respect diversity. Our country’s society is formed when people of diverse ethnicity, gender, faith, social standing, ways of thinking, come together. We hope to realize a society where all individuals are respected.

In addition, we ourselves have the freedom to choose our work and activities without the need for flattery and we are fully committed in the creation of a work environment where each individual is able to carry out their work in accordance to their own beliefs.


We have a great regard for the spirit of innovation. As our society advances towards a better future, we believe it is our duty to assist this advancement.

In various fields such as industry, society, culture, science, and technology, there are many at the forefront in the pursuit of society’s innovation who are struggling. The process of creating something new is more often than not fraught with adversities. It is not uncommon that such precious seeds of innovation are blown away in the winds of adversities. We dedicate our best efforts in the realization of innovation by acting as shields of individuals taking up the challenges of bringing about society’s innovation.


Our firm’s name “Legal Commons” reflects our emphasis on the two values of “Sharing and Contribution”. Our ability as attorneys to provide solutions to legal problems should not be used for individual gains; instead, it should be utilized to serve all who need it. This is the guiding principle behind “Legal Commons”. We never forget the ability to solve legal problems made possible through the hard work of countless predecessors that we have inherited, and the mission to give back to the society.

When our firm was founded five years ago, our motto was “Umbrella of the society, Oars toward tomorrow”.

This motto reflected the emphasis we place on our desire to be a supportive partner to individuals who are troubled and powerless and our aim to support individuals who are taking up the challenges to bring about revolutionary change towards the future.

On the occasion of the fifth year of our firm’s founding, “Liberty, Innovation, Contribution” became our new motto, however, the values and principles that have been important to us since our founding have remained unchanged.

Last but not least, we seek your stern scrutiny and supervision regarding whether there are discrepancies between our philosophy and our actions in our five years of practice and in our future endeavors.

KAWASAKI Kenichiro

Representative Partner,

Waseda Legal Commons, LPC

1st March 2018, on the occasion on the sixth year of establishment