Waseda Legal Commons, LPC

Chiyoda Kaikan 4F, 1-6-17 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0074, Japan Access
No. of lawyers: 30(as of Mar 2018)

About us

Waseda Legal Commons, LPC (“WLC”) was formed in March 2013 by lawyers with various backgrounds. WLC has many lawyers with experience working in various fields, such as a former judge, law scholar, former bureaucrat who currently advises local government, certified public accountant. WLC offers practical advice in various areas – general corporate matters, financial regulation/transaction(including virtual currency), cross-border transaction, civil and commercial litigation, real estate, M&A, criminal law and bankruptcy.

Practice Areas

Corporate/ M&A, Finance(including financial regulation), Bankruptcy, International Trade, Dispute resolution, Labor and Employment law, Real Estate and Construction, Consumer Law, Business Succession and Inheritance, Criminal Law

Our Philosophy

“Commons” means something belonged to or shared by everyone in a society. Also, it is sometimes translated Japanese traditional “IRIAI” which means common use site or shared goods.
We think our legal problem-solving skills is “Commons” which we inherited from our predecessor. So we believe that we must not only make use of our legal problem-solving skills (legal skills) for the sake of everyone in a society but succeed it to the next generations.
Waseda Legal Commons Law Firm was founded with above philosophy.

Our Principles

1. Always aim to provide the new value for the client
2. Keep the challenge
3. Become diverse and advanced professionals
4. Maintain the flexibility to cooperate with diverse entities
5. To support the young lawyers who share similar ambition
6. Enjoy the present, rejoice tomorrow