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Buying Real Estate in Japan

Should you choose a lawyer or a real estate agent?

Why Choose Us

Save total cost !

Unlike a typical agent commission (i.e. 3% of the selling price), our fee is based on a reduced amount of the selling price.

Safe Transactions Through Due Diligence By A Lawyer​

We understand real estate law in Japan and conduct due diligence on the property, ensuring that you get an accurate understanding of the Japanese real estate system and market.


For the property with a selling price of $2 million

Savings for you: about $320,000 It’s a great deal!


Purchase price

Through our service

$1.7 million



Breakdown of costs

Due diligence costs


Due diligence for five properties: 5 cases x $500

Basic fee:


Contingency Fee:  10%


(Selling price: $2 million – purchase price: $1.7 million) x 10%


$1.7395 million


Purchase price

Same as selling price

$2 million



Breakdown of costs

Agency commission: 3%


Purchase price: $2 million x 3% commission


$2.06 million

How We Can Help You

Problem 1

Real estate agents are not legal experts.

You may need to ask a lawyer to examine the risks separately.


We perform a due diligence for the property so that you can assess the risks and benefits.

As experts in real estate law, we conduct on-site surveys, examine contractual relationships, and assess the property’s value. Understanding the risks and benefits ensures a fair deal for the buyer.

Ask us for our due diligence to avoid the following risks:

Problem 2

Agents cannot facilitate a buyer’s need to “buy cheap.”

Since agents in Japan often support both sellers and buyers, they may receive a brokerage commission from both. The agent’s commission is typically 3–5% of the selling price. This may be reasonable for the seller looking to sell at a high price. However, the agent cannot accommodate the buyer’s need to buy cheaper because the commission increases with a higher selling price.


Our fee is based on the reduced purchase cost through our services.

Our incentives are aligned with your interests.

We never represent both buyer and seller.

We are legally prohibited from acting for opponents with conflicting interests.


Our reasonable fee structure is based on due diligence reassurance and reduction.

Due diligence fees

$500/ property

Services include

Contingency fee

Basic fee:


Reduced amount from Selling price



Are you concerned with any of the following?

COVID-19 and its impact on the Japanese real estate market

The Japanese real estate market is affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. According to data released by an organization that manages real estate distribution information, the number of real estate transactions in the Tokyo metropolitan area decreased by half in April 2020 compared to April 2019, and prices also declined. Currently, buyers may expect lower prices.

Our team

We are experienced in real estate transactions including high-value properties, income-producing properties, and resort properties.

Yuko Atsumi
Yuko qualified as a lawyer after working at a foreign financial institution. She is also a licensed real estate agent.
Mitsuru Saegusa
Mitsuru qualified as a lawyer after working in IT and as a public servant. He is also a licensed real estate agent.
Ryo Sato
Ryo qualified as a lawyer and focuses on merger and acquisition (M&A) services in relation to real estate business.
Hitoshi Yokokura
As a certified public accountant, Hitoshi advises on the taxation aspects of real estate asset formation.

If You Are Looking To Buy Real Estate In Japan, You Can Count On Us To Help You!

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