CHO Seiho - 早稲田リーガルコモンズ法律事務所
CHO SeihoPartner, Member of Daini Tokyo Bar Association

Practice areas include criminal cases, medical malpractice cases, claims for damages, and Zainichi Koreans (ethnic Koreans living in Japan) cases.

Particularly notable is his achievements in criminal cases. In his career so far, he has successfully won six acquittals, including two cases in which he represented foreign nationals. He is one of the foremost defense attorneys in lay judge trials and his extensive experience includes defending more than 30 cases. In addition, his interrogation techniques in the court are highly regarded. He conducts numerous lectures for lawyers and is an instructor at the Tokyo Academy of Trial Advocacy (TATA).

In criminal cases, one is often forced to fight alone against the country, and fortitude is required in face of such strong pressure. With tenacity, he is focused on protecting the client’s interests and he is committed to obtaining results in his work as a defense attorney.

His attitude of confronting difficulties was cultivated through handling criminal cases, and his high ability in handling cases was a result of persistent fact investigations and detailed evidence examination through careful scrutiny. His strengths and skills are fully demonstrated not only in criminal case but also in civil cases. He also provides high quality defense in civil and domestic affairs cases.

Education and Professional Background

Graduated from Waseda University, School of Law
Graduated from Waseda Law School
Registered as attorney at law in Japan
Participated as one of the founding partners of Waseda Legal Commons, LPC after a stint in The Law Office of Takashi Takano (which is one of the most prominent criminal defense law offices in Japan)

Practice Areas

Criminal cases (lay judge trials), medical malpractice cases, cases involving Zainichi Koreans (ethnic Koreans living in Japan) and foreign nationals including domestic affairs and immigration cases, personal injury damages cases such as traffic accidents, domestic cases, and so on.

Membership and Official Positions

Part-time lecturer, Waseda University
Instructor, Tokyo Academy of Trial Advocacy (TATA)
Commissioned Attorney officer of the Research Office for Criminal Affairs, Japan Federation of Bar Associations
Member, Lawyers’ Association of Zainichi Korean (LAZAK)