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Investment to Japan

Investment to Japan

We have the necessary know-how to start a business in Japan.

To realize investments in Japan, there are numerous issues that require effective legal solutions. In addition to legal issues such as establishment of a corporation, obtaining the necessary approvals and licenses, submitting various reports to the authorities, and preparing contracts necessary for business, there are myriad issues such as formulation of marketing strategies to open up markets in Japan, selection of partners, recruitment of core personnel, and tax accounting issues. We are a one-stop provider of sales, legal, financial and tax solutions needed to invest in and start businesses in Japan.

We start by getting to know your business, which allows us to understand the legal matters that you are facing. We structure an appropriate plan and create an environment in which you can start business with a sense of speed. We have attorneys, paralegals and staff with foreign language skills, so you can communicate directly with attorneys in English without feeling any stress.

We provide our services to clients from a wide range of industries, including finance, IT, real estate, manufacturing, services, cryptocurrency, AI, and blockchain. Our firm consists of than 30 attorneys, each with his or her expertise. We form teams that are made up of a combination of attorneys with expertise to best meet the needs of our clients.

In addition to legal affairs, we also provide support in recruitment, market development, and networking by introducing financial institutions, as well as business connections in Japan. Leveraging our network of more than 300 clients, we will guide you through each step and handle any issues that may arise in the process so as to ensure your success in Japan.


Proven track record in business expansion support

We have supported the expansion of many foreign companies into Japan to date.

Representative Transactions

– Establishment of Chinese companies’ business bases and support in Japan

– Establishment of Vietnamese, Singaporean and other ASEAN countries companies’ offices and business support in Japan

– Establishment of Singaporean companies’ bases in Japan and business support

– Establishment of European companies’ bases and business support

– Establishment of North and South American companies’ bases and business support in Japan


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