Beast in Courtroom.

When a negotiation breaks down, the courtroom is often the last and only place you can go and seek remedies. We put great emphasis on structuring our arguments carefully based upon meticulous legal research and thorough factual analysis, and argue cases earnestly before bench, so that we can achieve desired results for our clients in court.

In an average year, we handle more than ● civil cases including contractual disputes, tort claims, and family and inheritance disputes. We are also very active in more specialized proceedings such as actions for revocation of and/or compensation/condemnation for governmental actions, disputes in labor and industrial relations, intellectual property litigation, medical malpractice claims, internal disputes for control in corporations and other legal entities, and slander and libel claims over the internet and other virtual spheres. Our lawyers are well experienced in both judicial and non-judicial alternative dispute resolution such as family conciliation, employment dispute mediation, commercial arbitration as well as mediation procedures provided by bar associations and other private entities.

Our appellate practice group, a very unique initiative for a Japanese law firm, led by a former appellate judge himself, frequently receives referrals from other law firms and solo practitioners, and has successfully appealed cases to overturn lower court decisions.


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