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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

We have expertise in criminal cases involving foreign nationals.

There are many unique issues with criminal cases involving foreign nationals, such as communication with attorneys (due to language difference), interpretation during interrogations or trials, status of residence, and cultural and religious issues in detention centers or jail. If you or someone you know is a foreign national facing criminal charges, you need someone with the expertise and experience to address these issues. We are familiar with these issues, and with our significant experience in handling criminal cases involving foreign nationals, we are able to support you.

Interpreters are available for interrogations and trials by law enforcement agencies, but interpretation is often problematic in Japanese trials. In order to deal with such interpretation problems, a variety of specialized skills are needed. We have staff interpreters proficient in English and Chinese within the firm. We also have networks of interpreters for various languages to facilitate smooth communication.

One of the most serious problems in criminal cases involving foreign nationals is the status of residence. When you are not a Japanese resident and have been convicted, it may have substantial negative impact on your status to remain in Japan. Defense activities to avoid or minimize the risk of deportation and keep the status of residence also need expert knowledge and skills.

Furthermore, when foreign nationals are involved in criminal cases, they often encounter cultural, religious, and dietary problems. They need to negotiate zealously with penal institutions in order to protect their own cultural and religious practices while in detention, and to resolve meal issues. We are familiar with these issues and are able to respond appropriately.

Most of all, we have the knowledge and skills to get the best possible results (including acquittals, release without charges, nolle prosequis, and dismissal of charges) in criminal defense.


We deliver positive results.

In the past, we obtained successful results for foreign nationals.

– Verdict of not guilty in a lay judge court in a case of stimulants smuggling (Latvian)

– Verdict of not guilty of assault (Chinese)

– Verdict of not guilty of transporting stolen goods (Vietnamese)

In addition, there are many cases in which arrested clients are released earlier or released without charges.



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