Our Expertise - 早稲田リーガルコモンズ法律事務所

Our Expertise

Our firm is a general law firm consisting of lawyers with expertise in a wider variety of fields, including criminal cases, civil cases, corporate legal affairs, and administrative cases. With capability of handling all kinds of cases, we are applying team systems to share our know-hows and deepen our expertise in areas that we are especially focusing our efforts. Some of our teams are start-up company support team, and lay judge trial support team. We are also actively organizing seminars and lectures, writing and publishing, and engaging in educational and corporate social responsibility activities.

To enhance the quality of our legal service, we fulfill requests for the appointment of two to three attorneys.

Civil case

We have a strong track record in civil lawsuits. As many members of our firm are not only law practitioners, they are at the same time legal researchers who are actively engaging in new issues that arise from social changes.

・Claims for damages
・Real estate related transactions
・Land and building lease related cases
・Debt recovery (Accounts receivable, negotiations with debtors, lawsuits, compulsory executions, etc.)
・Debt work-out (Insolvency, bankruptcy, civil rehabilitation, voluntary arrangements)
・Traffic accidents
・Boundary and property line disputes
・Drafting of will, safe custody, will execution
・Inheritance, business succession
・Adult guardianship, property management, etc.
・Parental authority and physical custody disputes
・Protection of the rights of sexual minorities, including LGBTs
・Medical malpractice related research, negotiations and damage claims
・Fraudulent business and financial instruments business related damages
・Consumer Contract Act and Premiums and Representation Act related cases
・Labor related disputes (Employment contract, salary, conditions of employment, dismissal)
・Legislative response to work-related accidents, including death from overwork
・Renewable energy related laws and ordinances investigations, transfer of business, assets and liabilities purchases, and dispute resolutions
・Appeals and litigation against the government, and negotiations
・Legal opinions on the interpretations of administrative laws and regulations
・Advice regarding ordinance rule establishment
・Protection of community development and cultural properties
・Support for the victims of nuclear power plant accidents
・Support for public assistance application, appeal review
・Cases involving foreign nationals (Criminal, domestic affairs international liaison, status of residence, labor)
・Bullying problems
・Internet-related troubles, requests for deletion, request for disclosure of identification information of sender
・Collaboration with overseas lawyers
・Entry and residence procedure, and refugee recognition procedure
・International divorce and inheritance division, international employment

Corporate Legal Affairs

Support for new business launches and startups is one notable feature of the services we provide. In addition, we provide long-term support as advisors to managers.

・Corporate legal affairs (Establishment of company, drafting of all kinds of contracts)
・Compliance assurance
・Banking and finance related legal affairs
・Real estate securitization and liquidation
・Startup support
・Business collaborations
・Business succession
・Risk management, and accident response
・Harassment investigation and handling
・Intellectual property rights
・AI, and Blockchain related legal affairs
・Human resource, and labor
・Shareholder meeting measures
・Negotiation, drafting of contracts, and litigation involving international transactions
・US related legal affairs
・Mongolia related legal affairs
・China related legal affairs
・Vietnam related legal affairs
・Brazil related legal affairs

Criminal Cases

We are committed to obtain results and we provide utmost defense to the most difficult criminal cases, including denial pleas and trials with lay judges.

・Legal aid during investigation
・Legal aid in courts
・Settlement negotiations
・Lay judge trials
・Criminal charges and indictments
・Juvenile cases