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Emeritus Professor GOTO Akira appointed as adviser to Waseda Legal Commons, LPC


Waseda Legal Commons, LPC invited Emeritus Professor GOTO Akira of Hitotsubashi University and Aoyama Gakuin University to act as an advisor to our firm on May 1, 2019. Emeritus Professor Goto is a former attorney at law who has been working as a researcher and an educator on the Code of Criminal Procedure in recent years. He has served as the dean of Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of Law and the dean of Aoyama Gakuin University Graduate School of Law, and is currently engaged in training judicial interpreters.
Our criminal defense team, which has achieved remarkable results, including defending in more than 10 lay judge trials every year and acquiring acquittals for seven consecutive years since our firm’s establishment, will be able to establish an even more powerful team with his participation. In addition, we will accelerate our efforts to disseminate information to law school students in and outside the industry without keeping our experience and know-how to ourselves, and realize our aim to become one of the Centers of Excellence in criminal defense.